About Us

Azure Pool Services are a swimming pool company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We are experts in pool building, provide expert maintenance and repair services, pool renovations, consultancy, emergency repairs and more for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the UK and Ireland. We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers to ensure a quick and efficient service for our customers.


Azure Pool Services will ensure that you have a positive experience when dealing with us. We strive to treat you as the valued customer you are, whether you are in the domestic or commercial markets and will provide you with an excellent service at reasonable prices.


Our engineers are strategically located and are fully trained in all aspects of equipment found in the industry. We work with suppliers to maintain and expand our knowledge base while training on new equipment brought to the market to ensure competency.


We as a company will lead by example in the way we treat our customer’s and the services we provide to them. Our employees will at all times act with integrity and in the best interest of our customers.

Company Values

zure Pool Services, as a company, will continue to place our clients’ needs above all else. As we grow our client list we will maintain our personal assurance to each site. We will continue to build Azure Pool Services as a employee-run operation with the availability to support the families of our employees.
The principal corporate objectives are to provide an exceptional level of service to customers, close and mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, rewarding and satisfying careers for employees and growth of the company asset base whilst at the same time making a worthwhile contribution to the region and its environment.